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What does the first treatment feel like?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

I’m a regular at Kim’s fantastic restorative yoga class and each week she asks us whether we have any aches and pains. I have been having problems with my shoulder for many years and Kim always gives me some advice about stretches that will help, after yoga it would feel better but as the week wore on it would stiffen up again. I was hoping that the problem would go away by itself but the shoulder has gradually been getting worse. I use a computer and mouse every day and this was becoming difficult due to the soreness. Recently, putting on my coat and reaching my arm back became agonising.

I knew Kim is a qualified Advanced EMMETT practitioner although I was unsure of what the treatment really involved. Every week I would say to Kim that I was planning to book an EMMETT treatment with her. Then another week would go past and I would be back in yoga promising the same thing again. Finally, I got my act together and booked the session.

I was seen in Kim’s dedicated treatment room which was warm and comfortable with calming music playing quietly in the background. During the EMMETT I was fully dressed, at times sitting on a chair or standing as well as lying on a treatment table. Kim asked me to describe the symptoms and to show her the range of movement in my arms. It was limited for the right arm; raising the arm above shoulder height was painful. The pain had spread and I was suffering from back pain, rib pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. I also had a crawling sensation over my scalp which Kim identified as a result of the problems with my shoulder.

The treatment itself was interesting and quite difficult to explain. Kim pressed locations on my back, neck and shoulder. She also took the weight of my arm and moved it whilst “flicking” certain muscles. At times I was asked to breathe in and then Kim would make the movement whilst I breathed out. At one point I was asked to looked down to the right as Kim made the movement. Sometimes the manipulation of the muscles was quite intense although it wasn’t painful.

Kim regularly checked the alignment of my shoulders and my range of movement. By the end of the session my neck movement had improved considerably and I was able to raise my arm above shoulder height without pain. Kim finished the session with a de-stressing sequence whilst I lay on the treatment table. By the end I felt comfortable and relaxed.

As I left Kim gave me some advice on how to keep the shoulder moving. I drove away I feeling revitalised and energetic. Later that evening, my shoulder felt quite sore as though it had been well exercised but it was not the intense pain that I had felt before the treatment. I slept better than I have for a while, backing up the claim that Emmett is good for insomnia. The next day my shoulder was still a little sore but I was able to put my coat on without the accompanying agony. Given the length of time that I have been suffering with my shoulder I know it may take more than one treatment before the problem is completely resolved but for now I am enjoying the greater range of movement that I have gained from my first session of EMMETT.

Yvette - Worthing

Find out more about this muscle release therapy, called the EMMETT Technique and me at www.completebalance.co.uk.

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