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More Water = Less Pain!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Water.....something we take for granted but have you considered just how important it is to us?

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I generally ask clients who come in for body work how much water do they drink; generally I find all generations of people are not drinking enough water. Particularly as the outside temperature drops.

The NHS suggests we should drink between 6-8 glasses per day - approximately 1.5 litres.


Our body is approximately 60% water and our blood is 90% water! (Interesting fact eh?)

Personally I drink a couple of glasses of warm water first thing in the morning, this helps flush my bladder and kidneys. Why warm water? The body can use it immediately rather than having to 'warm up, the water before the body can process it.

Not all water intake is the same! Caffeinated tea and coffee are not included as part of our daily water intake as they are diuretics. Generally I suggest clients include a glass of water with their daily cuppa to to keep them hydrated. Drink more water in the morning and early afternoon and this counters the need to get up in the middle of night for a pee!

There are numerous benefits of drinking water:

+ prevents acne and skin dryness - helpful as our central heating goes on

+ keeps our mucus membrane hydrated - think bladder, inside of our nose, eyes, mouth, intestines and stomach

+ can aid weight loss - swop sugary drinks with water

+ relieves constipation

+ reduces and eases headaches

+ aids reasoning and memory

+ aids saliva production - helps start the breakdown of food

+ lubricates joints

+ hydrates fascia - think WD40 throughout the body

+ improves circulation by flushing toxins out of the body


Often feeling thirsty is a early sign of dehydration, if left unchecked can create feelings of dizziness, tiredness, fuzzy thinking, dark coloured urine and dry mouth or lips.


By increasing your water intake to the recommended daily allowance you can aid the reduction in inflammation in the body. Inflammation causes pain, water will assist in flushing the toxins out of the body via the Lymphatic System. Water in the blood helps carry nutrients to cells, such as amino acids, fatty acids and glucose.

Hydrated fascia is happy fascia, our mobility, structural integrity, and resilience are determined in large part by how well hydrated our fascia is. Fascia is connective tissue that exists layer upon layer throughout the body and behaves like 'WD40' allowing organs, muscles, ligaments and tendons to glide. Dehydrated fascia becomes sticky, this reduces movement and can become congested/knotty and subsequently painful!

Here are some ideas to increase your water consumption:

+ add slices of lemon, limes, orange, raspberries or cucumber

Advanced Clinical and Sports Injury Massage, Restorative Yoga, Functional Yoga, Complete Balance, Worthing, West Sussex

+ dilute fruit juice with more water than usual

+ dilute your squash even further with more water

+ swop fizzy drinks with water or if that's a challenge swop one or two glasses with water

+ drink water before you eat

+ drink a glass of water as soon as you get up

+ drink a glass of water with your daily cuppa or coffee

+ buy a large water container - fill it with your daily allowance and sip throughout the day

+ drink herbal teas, fruit teas, (not decaffeinated tea or coffee!)

+ add fresh mint, rosemary or thyme to warm water

+ eat more raw vegetables and fruit

At Complete Balance we use a number of Stress and Pain Relief techniques which includes EMMETT Technique, Sport and Injury Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Energy Healing, Restorative Yoga, Functional Yoga and Chair Yoga.

Book in for a treatment and as part of your treatment plan I can suggest stress and pain relief techniques you can take home and include as part of daily routine.

Book your balance at Complete Balance, Worthing, West Sussex.

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