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What My Clients Say

I cannot thank Kim enough for the treatment and the success in relieving the pain I had been suffering from May. Its great to be able to walk without pain and walk distances - thanks Kim


I absolutely love the treatment Kim offers! After my car accident I was refused physiotherapy. However, the treatment managed to relive the pain and improve my mobility in my neck, back and shoulders. I have since had more treatment due to aches and pains associated with anxiety and have had just as much success! Thank you so much Kim!


Kim is fantastic! Felt immediate relief and increased mobility, would completely recommend Kim and Emmett.


Just had wonderful session with Kim today. I always feel so much better after the treatment, and Kim always takes time to listen to my comments on how my body has been feeling in order to make sure that the treatment is as effective as possible. 


Kim's  treatment is amazing! I never thought that I would be pain free again and Kim achieved just that! I am so so grateful, to wake up every morning and not feel that pain in my left shoulder is incredible! I wish I had found Kim sooner, as 2 years of constant pain has been exhausting. 
I have been doing my exercises that Kim recommended and my movement is so much better (and I've adjusted my car seat!).
I truly cannot thank you enough


Lovely relaxing restorative yoga class. Small group and a really personal session with Kim


I came to see Kim with plantar fasciitis, I could barely walk in the mornings and would experience shooting pains in my feet throughout the day. We discussed treatment and we used a mix of Emmett and some foot exercises which has reduced the pain significantly and I'm able to walk more easily.


I really like Kim's class, I always feel great afterwards. The class is small enough for elements of it to be focused on individual needs, a drawback with other "one size fits all" classes


I love this class. My body feels so relaxed along with my mind after Kim's classes. Would recommend this to newbies and experienced yogi's alike..


Focused and relaxing session. I am a novice but Kim takes time to help, encourage, explain, demonstrate and was very patient. Kim was able and willing to give individual attention to the different abilities attending the session. There was an aura of calm at all times and I felt refreshed after the session. Kim’s enthusiasm for teaching and her friendly relaxed style gave me confidence that Yoga really can be for everyone.


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