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Due to Covid-19 all of my yoga classes and privates are available online via Zoom which is a easy to use app. You can use your smartphone, tablet/ipad or laptop.  Each week I will email you the class details so you can join the class. After the class I will email you a link and you can continue the practice until the following week when a new class is organised.

If you are unable to join the live stream I can just email the link after the class.

Should you wish to join any of the online classes please email me at

At Complete Balance I offer classes that use Yoga as the bones and we build upon that using physio bands and other props. Our aim is to improve joint health, increase range of movement, reduce pain and inflammation. Feel strong,  confident, enhance your immune system and feel great! 

I work with a number of clients on a 1 2 1 or 2 2 1 basis, the session can be recorded so you can repeat at home.

The classes are small, personal and held in my private yoga studio in Worthing, West Sussex. The classes and private sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and the classes suit the young and old, the experienced or inexperienced,

What is Functional Yoga – and how can it help me?

I use the essence of Functional Yoga across all of my classes and private sessions because it is an excellent pain relief tool and is equally effective at addressing health issues and tension caused by the increasingly frantic pace of life, with its resulting mental and physical stress. It is a gentle and effective practice that will create a sense of calm and peacefulness in your mind and body. 

Why is stress such an issue?

Today’s lifestyle patterns often leave us feeling stressed, anxious, physically tense or in pain and suffering from a number of different autoimmune issues. 

Our bodies have become used to excessive sitting, running, texting, and carrying children, for example, and this can create poor repetitive movement patterns. 


In turn, these patterns can give rise to injury or discomfort felt in the body.  This may be either through lack of movement or repetitive movement. The fascia, (connective tissue) becomes sticky, causing healthy movement to become compromised. Our natural efficiency of movement becomes challenged and our body adapts to an altered state, causing pain and discomfort. 


Alongside these physical compromises our brains are frequently processing information at high speed, leaving us unable to relax at night. Insomnia or a restless night’s sleep leaves us ill-equipped for the challenges of the following day as well as inadequate healing from the physical stresses of the previous day.  


Stress is increasingly viewed by researchers as a potential factor in the development of autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes and psoriasis. Its effects are stealthy and subtle, but can be far-reaching.

I enjoy sport - why do i need functional yoga?

Even those who regularly take part in sport (with its well-documented benefits for both physical and mental health) may still find it hard to relax and rest which is needed to allow our muscles to recover.  Understanding functional movement is highly effective in restoring healthy movement by strengthening, stretching and stabilising joints and muscles. For example we often feel the 'need' to lengthen our hamstrings when in reality we need to strengthen our hamstrings!


As a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist I bring an understanding of biomechanical movement to my Yoga classes. I include muscle release techniques such as the EMMETT Technique [which I also use in massage therapy) to release tight, painful muscles. Or tennis balls to release tight trigger points you might be holding.

Once we can carry less tension in our bodies (from whatever source) our performance and range of movement improves. 


The movements in Functional Yoga are based on real-world situational biomechanics. They usually involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements which place a demand on the body's core musculature. My classes use props including physio balls, physio bands, balls, blocks and bricks to release restrictions and tension held in the body. 

Strength and Rest Yoga

Monday       19.00-20.30  

Pay monthly in advance & pay just £8 per class. Drop-in for £10

Stretch and strength

Monday       09.30-10.30  

Pay monthly in advance & pay just £8 per class. Drop-in for £10


I supply mats and all props for classes and private sessions. To book into a yoga class click here.


Yoga Workshops - create your balance. Contact me for details.

Restorative yoga: Creating inner harmony

We have already seen how persistent chronic stress and anxiety can create tension in the body, shortening and tightening muscles as they learn to adapt to a new, limited range of movement. 

Emotional stress can bring its own health issues and you can read more here about the connections between emotional stress and physical pain.

Giving yourself time to rest and restore helps bring balance to the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Which in turn reduces pain, stress, chronic inflammation, enhances our mood, our immune system and general wellbeing.

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Restorative Yoga poses are held for longer, typically for 5-10 minutes and are designed to bring harmony between your sympathetic system, (fight or flight) and your parasympathetic system, (rest and digest). A calming session of Restorative Yoga always closes by lying on the floor, wrapped in a blanket and with an eye mask — surely the definition of ‘relaxing and letting go’!


My classes in both Functional and Restorative Yoga as well as my 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 private sessions focus on enhanced wellbeing. By improving the range of movement, reducing pain and breaking the stress cycle, my aim is to restore healthy movement which is beneficial to everyday life (rather than headstands, for example) and to encourage the deep and restorative rest which can be so hard to achieve, but is so essential for health and wellbeing.

Why I teach hatha yoga

The practice of Hatha Yoga is a practical aid, it is not a form of religion. Yoga is an ancient art based on harmonising the body, mind and spirit. Regular practice of Yoga will increase the sense of peace and well-being, while allowing a sense of feeling at one with the environment.


For many years I practiced Iyengar yoga; I loved its technical alignment and the feeling I took away with me when I finished a class.


After a Yoga holiday I was encouraged to undertake the 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, setting me on a journey towards personal harmony of mind, body and spirit and contributing to the founding of Complete Balance.


As explained on my About’ page, I’m drawn professionally to specialise in pain and stress relief and my personal practice became more somatic, (dealing with the body as a whole) and restorative in style. 

​I completed a Restorative Teacher Training course in London and have continued to develop my somatic, regularly combining the Feldenkrais Method (heightening awareness of movement, breathing and posture) in my teaching.

My personal journey continues and I constantly learn from my patients and my fellow yoga teachers, as they say:

‘it is the journey, not the destination that matters’ (T.S. Eliot).

Create some time and space just for you with Functional or Restorative Yoga: book here.

Restorative Yoga Worthing, Complete Balance
Restorative Yoga, Functional Yoga, Complete Balance Worthing