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Melt Method - The science of self-care

'Discover pain free living'! Bold statement but from personal experience I have found the Melt Method extremely effective. First time was to relieve a persistent painful headache that wouldn't ease using pain relief or mobilising stretches. 10mins on a soft Melt roller and my headache disappeared. As a regular hiker I find at end of a long walk my feet and hips ache. Using the Melt large soft ball on for 10mins every day has eased my foot and hip tension.

What is the Melt Method? The Melt Method is a simple, gentle and subtle self-treatment approach that uses soft rollers and soft balls to ease stuck stress, improve stability and mobility in your body. The Melt Method is very ease to learn and you will experience a positive outcome after the first class or 1 2 1. Melt Method can improve your sleep, ease digestive issues, reduce stress, improve mobility, stability and your posture.

We use a mix soft rubber rollers, the complete opposite to any other roller you may have used and soft large and small balls to release stuck fascia stored in your body.

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'The issue is in you connective tissue' otherwise called fascia, Fascia is a 3 dimensional fluid filled architectural matrix that resides under our skin. Fascia is mostly collagen and it assists with muscle control, joint alignment, in addition it supports and protects blood vessels, your nerves and organs. In other words it's our own flexible scaffolding! This fluid filled matrix is much like a river, this fluid or interstitial fluid should ebb and flow unfortunately our repetitive patters such as sitting at a desk can cause a sediment effect which results in stiffness and pain if left unaddressed,

Science has recently discovered something called cellular dehydration or this can be described as 'stuck stress'! Its a natural process that occurs to all of us as we age, waking up in the morning with as a stiff back or painful shoulders if you've been sat at your desk all day. Often we ignore these pre-pain signals by popping a few painkillers, as time progresses we ignore digestive bloating or reaching for the chocolate bar or coffee during our mid afternoon slump.

All of these are indicators of stuck stress, let me teach you how you can become your own hands off bodyworker!

I will teach you movements that incorporates the 4R's of Melt - Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate and Release. Using these techniques will improve the sliding and gliding of your fascia whilst enhancing the support and stability of your joints. 

Melt Method releases stuck stress that's held in your shoulder girdle, diaphragm and pelvis. Stuck stress held in these areas of the body can give rise to tight hamstrings, restricted calves and feet, lower back pain, upper shoulder pain, neck pain, and digestion issues, elevated anxiety and or stress levels.

Melt Method will improve how you feel, release pain and ease tension.

Monday Melt Method

Monday  - 18.00-19.00   AND  19.15-20.15 

Classes are weekly with the exception of Bank Holidays. Pay monthly in advance & pay just £8 per class. 

Private sessions that are tailored to your needs are available for £45. Share the cost with a friend and have a 1 2 2.

I supply all props for classes and private sessions or you can purchase your equipment and learn the routine to complete at home. To manage your self care book a Melt Method class private session here.

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Melt Method - Creating inner harmony

We have already seen how persistent chronic stress and anxiety can create tension in the body, shortening and tightening muscles as they learn to adapt to a new, limited range of movement. 

Emotional stress can bring its own health issues and you can read more here about the connections between emotional stress and physical pain.

Giving yourself time to rest and restore helps bring balance to the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Which in turn reduces pain, stress, chronic inflammation, enhances our mood, our immune system and general wellbeing.

Melt Method Classes in Worthing, West Sussex

At Complete Balance I offer classes and privates in both Melt Method and functional movement often combining the best of both. The classes are small, personal and held in my private studio in Worthing, West Sussex. The classes and private sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and the classes suit the young and old, the experienced or inexperienced.


My focus is on enhancing your wellbeing, by improving your range of movement, reducing pain and breaking the stress cycle. By providing you the tools, we can restore healthy movement which is beneficial to your quality of life. Our aim is to improve joint health, increase range of movement, reduce pain and inflammation. Feel strong, confident, enhance your immune system and feel great! 

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Why is stress such an issue?

Today’s lifestyle patterns often leave us feeling stressed, anxious, physically tense or in pain and suffering from a number of different autoimmune issues. 

Our bodies have become used to excessive sitting, running, texting, and carrying children, for example, and this can create poor repetitive movement patterns. 


In turn, these patterns can give rise to injury or discomfort felt in the body.  This may be either through lack of movement or repetitive movement. The fascia, (connective tissue) becomes sticky, causing healthy movement to become compromised. Our natural efficiency of movement becomes challenged and our body adapts to an altered state, causing pain and discomfort. 


Alongside these physical compromises our brains are frequently processing information at high speed, leaving us unable to relax at night. Insomnia or a restless night’s sleep leaves us ill-equipped for the challenges of the following day as well as inadequate healing from the physical stresses of the previous day.  


Stress is increasingly viewed by researchers as a potential factor in the development of autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes and psoriasis. Its effects are stealthy and subtle, but can be far-reaching.

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